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Prefabricated timber construction with SWISS KRONO modules makes it possible to erect architecturally sophisticated buildings very quickly. SWISS KRONO OSB Longboards deliver especially great benefits in larger buildings and modules.

Fast Progress from Prefabrication to On-Site Assembly

In order to make a wall or ceiling panel, it’s no longer necessary, like in the past, to cut several OSB boards to size and join them. Thanks to SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB, now panels up to 18 metres long can be created using a single board. This saves you valuable time while working on projects. These large-format boards also do away with joints, creating seamless surfaces that ensure airtightness while improving structural strength and energy efficiency.

Time-Saving Construction of Multi-Storey Buildings

The large-format boards also open up the possibility of fashioning storey-high panels that extend the full length of a building. This, together with extensive prefabrication, makes it possible to complete projects in record time. Additional time savings are generated by beginning the prefabrication work while a site is still being prepared for construction. Faster construction also has other benefits: for example, the duration of road closures and the use of scaffolding and cranes can be significantly reduced along with the associated noise.

SWISS KRONO Service and Information Portal on Prefabricated Timber Construction

You’ll find complete information on prefabricated timber construction on SWISS KRONO’s service and information portal. The SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB timber construction system and associated licensees and partners are also presented there, as well as the large-format SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB, which are ideally suited for rapid prefabricated construction. Reference projects show how modern, architecturally intelligent construction with SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB and SWISS KRONO LONGBOARD OSB can look.

Ample attention is also paid to the topic of “building with wood”. The most important facts and arguments in favour of this natural renewable raw material are summarised. Competent SWISS KRONO experts are also available to answer all of your questions related to building with SWISS KRONO wood-based materials.


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