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The SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB system is patented and may only be produced by authorised licensees.
SWISS KRONO offers them full technical support and assistance for marketing.

As a licensee, you convert SWISS KRONO OSB/4 boards into large prefabricated MAGNUMBOARD® OSB panels indoors using state-of-the-art CNC technology, which ensures outstanding precision and quality. You can then either use these panels for walls, roofs and ceilings in construction projects for your own customers, or else supply them to other contractors. The latter are thus able to offer their clients construction of turnkey houses using MAGNUMBOARD® OSB panels even though they cannot build these themselves.

SWISS KRONO Services for Licensees

MAGNUMBOARD® OSB licensees are in a position to offer professional users and timber construction firms valuable partnering opportunities. Besides comprehensive services for driving sales (advertising materials, sales promotions etc.), they provide in-depth support and advice for planning and building with MAGNUMBOARD® OSB. In collaboration with SWISS KRONO, they inform their clients about applications, techniques, structural analysis, building physics and more.


3B TEC Holzbau GmbH

3B TEC Holzbau GmbH

3B TEC Holzbau GmbH, founded in 2011, is based in Ludwigsfelde about 30 kilometres from Berlin. The firm mainly makes and supplies prefabricated customised MAGNUMBOARD® OSB units to carpentry shops and building contractors, while also occasionally assembling homes as unfinished shells. It has been a SWISS KRONO licensee for several years. Thanks to the layered structure of the raw MAGNUMBOARD® OSB, it is straightforward to make cutouts in the inside layers only over the entire height or length. MAGNUMBOARD® OSB elements lend themselves for making both public and private buildings. 3B TEC Holzbau GmbH provides extensive consulting and support services to users and timber construction companies, collaborates with architects and structural engineers and on request also assigns experienced master roofers or assembly foremen to projects. The firm also has a metalworking department to serve customers who need other types of constructions besides prefabricated timber panels and modules.

3B TEC Holzbau GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 17
14974 Ludwigsfelde

Telephone: +49 33 78 - 20 77 55
Fax number: +49 33 78 - 20 77 67

Julien Oldengott
Mobile: +49 173 - 63 40 933


Languages: german, english, italian

Ch. Borchard GmbH & Co. KG

Ch. Borchard GmbH & Co. KG

Ch. Borchard GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hildesheim, Germany in 1879 as a carpentry shop. Now, nearly a century and half later, its activities still revolve around wood, an exceedingly versatile and sustainable material.

Our firm employs over 50 carpenters, master craftsmen, technicians and engineers. Drawing on extensive experience and expertise acquired over the course of many decades, we offer our customers a wide spectrum of services ranging from building timber and engineered wood constructions, across production and assembly of timber frame modules and truss connector plates, to sales of windows, doors, parquet floors etc. in our store.

We employ state-of-the-art production methods and have a fleet of different high-performance vehicles at our disposal. Our competent services and high-value products are in demand throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.

Ch. Borchard GmbH & Co. KG
Hafenkopfstraße 5
31137 Hildesheim

Sven Pietzsch
Telephone: 05344 92 00-14

Matthias Weise
Telephone: 05121 76 05 -10

Henri VERMOT et Fils Sàrl

Henri VERMOT et Fils Sàrl

The French firm of Henri VERMOT et fils has specialised in timber construction and woodwork for nearly a century (it was founded in 1922). Since 2005, Henri VERMOT et fils have also been producing MAGNUMBOARD® OSB as a SWISS KRONO licensee.

Henri VERMOT et Fils Sàrl
Les Terres Rouges
25130 Villers le Lac

Telephone: +33 3 81 68 01-69 / -97

Henri Vermot / Claude Chapotte
Telephone: +33 3 81 68 01-69 / -97
Fax number: +33 3 81 68 03 60


Languages: french, english, german, italian

Keilhofer GmbH

Keilhofer GmbH

Keilhofer are a Bavarian firm originally established as a carpentry enterprise in 1922. Today it focuses on complete turnkey construction of high-quality residential buildings, which about 60 staff plan and implement. Keilhofer take responsibility for all of the planning work, including house plans for applying for building permits, detailed plans and working drawings, and planning of all installations. The firm also builds timber constructions for roofs and walls, new storeys, annexes, owner-finished homes, commercial structures and entire residential complexes. Out of conviction, Keilhofer work uses brick and wood to ensure a healthy living environment. As a SWISS KRONO licensee, the firm builds flexibly designable bespoke houses using SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB. This approach very quickly yields massive timber homes, brick masonry houses and hybrid buildings in accordance with each client’s ideas and priorities.

Keilhofer GmbH
Lohmannmühlweg 40
94227 Zwiesel

Telephone: +49 9922 509-0
Fax number: +49 9922 509-91

Hans Keilhofer
Telephone: +49 9922 509-42
Mobile: +49 176 – 11150942

Joseph Keilhofer
Telephone: +49 9922 509-33
Mobile: +49 176 – 11150933


Languages: german

MMD – Magnumboard-Manufaktur-Deutschland

MMD – Magnumboard-Manufaktur-Deutschland

MMD – MagnumBoard-Manufaktur-Deutschland emerged from the Poppenhausen-based carpentry firm of Dieter Römmelt Zimmerei und Hallenbau and became a licensee of SWISS KRONO Germany in 2016. A tradition-steeped but modern family-run enterprise, it dates back to the start of the 20th century and is now in the fourth generation. For 50 years now, Römmelt has specialised in building halls and arenas, focusing mainly on equestrian arenas.

MMD – Magnumboard-Manufaktur-Deutschland
Wachtküppelstraße 14
36163 Poppenhausen (Wasserkuppe)

Fax number: +49 6658 96 08 23

Hermann Veldung
Telephone: +49 6657 9185 933

Dieter Römmelt
Telephone: +49 6658 9608 0


Languages: german, english



Debeuckelaere was founded in around 1860. A family-run firm, initially its main activity was operating a sawmill. In 1998 it was taken over by its present owner, Herbrand Perneel.

The machines were replaced and automated. Debeuckelaere also invested in new software with 3D design capabilities to automate and optimize the preproduction processes. This made it possible to win many new customers and enormously increase turnover. The company now has annual revenues of more than 12 million euros.

And the demand for completely cut-to-size wood parts is continuing to grow.

SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB allows Debeuckelaere to realise turnkey housing projects using massive timber construction methods. The firm has launcheda new subsidiary, called WOOD & BUILD, to do exactly that. WOOD & BUILD greatly benefits from its parent company´s technical expertise and experience. The goal is to additionally raise the level of automation for use of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB, which perfectly harmonises with the Debeuckelaere vision. There are also plans to supply carpentry and timber construction firms with SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB elements.

For more information, please visit our website at

Amersveldestraat 192

Telephone: +32 497 400 800

Herbrand Perneel / Danny Tillemann


Languages: french, english, german

Would you too like to become a SWISS KRONO licensee for MAGNUMBOARD® OSB?

As a licensee, you receive comprehensive support from SWISS KRONO and directly benefit from our expertise. In addition to help with application-related questions and issues, this also includes a host of marketing activities such as participation in trade fairs and professionally written and distributed press releases.



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If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Stefan Gottfried
    Wood construction engineer
    Application technology / product manager
    Telephone: +49 33962 69 - 751
    Fax number: +49 33962 69 - 374

    SWISS KRONO OSB offers you a versatile high-tech building material with a long list of convincing benefits for cost-effective, sustainable construction.

  • Harald Sauter
    Master carpenter, Application technology
    Mobile: +49 151 115 47616
    Fax number: +49 74 3222 031 - 53

    Freedom to explore new designs, a healthy living environment and fast building: prefabricated modular construction with SWISS KRONO OSB provides all this and more. What else could you possibly want?

  • Carolin Steigemann
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (Graduate Engineer) Wood Technology
    Mobile: +49 151 582 59762
    Fax number: +49 33962 69 88762

    SWISS KRONO OSB is a fascinating, modern building material made from natural wood that instills a feeling of wellbeing in nearly everyone.


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