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SWISS KRONO OSB Formwork Film-faced formwork panels for multiple use

SWISS KRONO OSB Formwork consists of panels faced with 425gsm phenolic film: a professional product for all construction projects.

The robust surfaces of OSB Formwork are easy to clean and facilitate stripping. The resulting matt concrete surfaces are highly uniform.

Advantages of SWISS KRONO OSB Formwork at a Glance

  • Secure holding of screws, staples and nails
  • High dimensional stability for sturdy and reliable constructions
  • Formaldehyde-free binding
  • Made mainly from PEFCTM-certified forest thinnings
  • Faced on both sides with 425gsm phenolic film
  • Improved strength, also at panel edges
  • Shape stability

Strand direction

Major axis Minor axis
Thickness range [mm] d >10
Strength values [N/mm²]
Stresses on board
Bending fm,k 16.4 14.8 8.2 7.4
Compression fc,90,k 10.0 10.0
Shear fv,k 1.0 1.0
Stiffness values [N/mm²]
Stresses on board
Bending modulus of elasticity Emeana 4930 1980
Shear modulus Gmeana 50 50
a The characteristic stiffness values E05 and G05 are calculated as follows: E05 = 0.85 x Emean and G05 = 0.85 x Emean
General and building physics values
Thickness swelling acc. to EN 317 ≤ 15 %
Coefficient of expansion for 1% change in wood moisture content 0.03 %
Waste code EAK-Code 03 01 05
Reaction to fire acc. to EN 13501-1 D - s2, d0

Note: The characteristic values are for structural calculations acc. to EN 1995-1-1 and EN 1995-1-2 (EC5)

Format [mm] Thickness [mm]

2500 x 1250
2070 x 2800

SWISS KRONO OSB Formwork can be joined using screws, nails or staples and is easy to saw, cut and work. When suitably pre-treated and cleaned, the OSB-based formwork panels are very easy to strip and can be reused multiple times. After several uses, the strand structure of the OSB board behind the phenolic-resin-saturated paper film is transferred to the surface of the concrete.

Before initial use of the panels, two coats of a suitable release oil should be applied to them. The second coat can be applied as soon as the first has dried. (Make sure to follow the oil manufacturer’s instructions.)

Downloadable documents

Art. No. Title
K00596 REACH declaration - English
P00450 SWISS KRONO Delivery programme Flyer - English
P00086 SWISS KRONO OSB Environmental product declaration (EPD) - English
P00241 SWISS KRONO OSB Full-line catalogue Brochure - English
P00595 SWISS KRONO OSB Material Safety Data Sheet - English
P00946 SWISS KRONO Product Tolerances - English
Product documents
Art. No. Title
K01036 Base Details - English
K01035 Base Details - English
P00955 KRONOPLY OSB Codemark Certificate of Conformity - English
P00940 KRONOPLY OSB/3 Formaldehyde release acc. to DIN EN 717-1 - English
K00316 PEFCTM Chain-of-Custody Certificate - English
K01045 SWISS KRONO Exterior Wall with Sheet-Metal Cladding, e.g. for Dormer Cheeks - English
K01047 SWISS KRONO Interior Fire Wall - English
P01189 SWISS KRONO OSB Prefabricated Construction Flyer - English
P00088 SWISS KRONO OSB/3 CE certificate - English
P00415 SWISS KRONO OSB/3 data sheet - English
P01156 SWISS KRONO OSB/3 dimensioning reference tables - English
P00942 SWISS KRONO OSB/3 in 30 and 40 mm data sheet - English

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