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From Tree to Finished Engineered Wood Product

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06. September 2019 | Peer behind the scenes at SWISS KRONO

Laminate is a popular, easy-to-install flooring option. But how is it produced? How is a natural high-tech raw material like wood turned into OSB panels?

Each and every day, around 1,500 cubic metres of OSB and 175,000 square metres of laminate flooring are produced at SWISS KRONO TEX in Heiligengrabe in the eastern German state of Brandenburg – all of which comply with the most stringent technical standards while consistently providing the excellent quality expected of products “Made in Germany”. We also ensure the highest possible levels of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The path traversed by a log while being transformed into the final products is therefore a complicated one involving a large number of steps, although today these are largely automated with the aid of innovative technologies.

To let you look behind the scenes, we have now produced two fascinating short films dealing with these production processes. From a bird’s-eye perspective, a log’s journey is tracked from the forest to arrival at the plant, where it joins many others piled high in a yard before these pass through all of the stages involved in transforming them into finished products.

After debarking, the logs are cut into chips or ground into fibres, depending on whether they are destined to become OSB boards or laminate flooring. These are then processed, shaken and pressed. The individual steps of the processes are shown up close, practically from the vantagepoint of the machines themselves. Impressive images capture, for example, how laminate flooring panels are cut to size and have tongues and grooves carved on their edges, and how décor layers are applied, followed by thorough quality checks and transport to a high-rise warehouse. Impressive slow-motion scenes highlight details of the production process for laminate flooring and OSB, supplemented by inserted keywords and graphics.

If this virtual tour makes you curious to learn even more, you’re invited to visit the plant and experience the impressive machines first-hand. As the region’s largest employer, we regularly open our doors for groups of schoolchildren, members of professional associations, business partners, suppliers, customers and more to directly experience how our engineered wood products are made. The tour lasts about two hours and involves walking a couple of kilometres, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

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