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SWISS KRONO Congratulates ERNE AG Holzbau!

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15. November 2017 | ERNE, a Firm That Makes History, Turns 111

In the summer of 2017, the innovation-driven German company ERNE celebrated the 111th anniversary of its establishment: a major milestone. SWISS KRONO warmly congratulates this long-time supplier and partner!

ERNE AG Holzbau is Switzerland’s leading timber construction firm, famous for its unique building solutions involving modular, hybrid and lightweight steel methods as well as integrated window and exterior systems.

Specialised in high-end interior finishing solutions and traditional carpentry work, ERNE AG Holzbau’s competent team – spanning specialists that include architects, engineers and planners – erects bespoke sustainable, eco-friendly buildings for temporary or long-term use.

Founded in 1906 by Josef Erne-Speiser with four wheelbarrows, five picks, five shovels and a punch, today ERNE looks back on a long, successful history. It rapidly expanded its offering by acquiring carpentry and masonry shops as well as a window factory. In 1950 ERNE then began building its first modular timber structures, marking the start of a sensational success story that still continues today.

The cornerstone for the present-day ERNE Group was laid in 1965, when the firm split into two publicly traded enterprises, one a general building contractor called ERNE AG Bauunternehmung and the other ERNE AG Holzbau, which specialises in timber construction. Today the group counts a total of eight firms dedicated to construction and real estate, generating total sales in the hundreds of millions of euros.

In the early 1980s, ERNE developed its first modular container systems, which it refined further in the 1990s to offer customers industry-specific solutions that precisely fit to their requirements.

In 2004, ERNE garnered the “European Solar Award” with its “Wattwerk” project, and less than a decade later ERNE AG Holzbau engineered Europe’s largest robotic system for assembling timber structures. This innovative system has been hailed as ushering in a new era in timber construction. Together with ETH Zurich, the company was honoured for this achievement with the prestigious 2017 Schweighofer Award for outstanding innovations in Europe.

“Visionary, innovative and future-orientated” are the three adjectives that best describe ERNE AG Holzbau. It is a constantly expanding, upwardly and outwardly striving enterprise that not only moves with the times while turning a steady stream of visions and ideas into reality, but also actively puts its achievements into practice, as is clearly apparent in the many projects it implements.

Since 2008, SWISS KRONO has been a longtime supplier and partner of ERNE AG and greatly values this alliance: “I’m personally very glad, again and again, that we are privileged to supply such an innovative firm with our high-quality, sustainable wood-based materials and join such an impressive success story in leading-edge, sustainable timber construction. As a producer of eco-friendly engineered wood products, we are naturally 100% behind modern timber construction and derive great inspiration from exemplary construction enterprises that, like ERNE AG, rely on our products while applying many decades of practical experience,” says Uwe Jöst, Managing Director of SWISS KRONO Germany.

SWISS KRONO therefore congratulates ERNE on this very special occasion and looks forward to many more years of working together.

SWISS KRONO MAGNUMBOARD® OSB for ERNE’s modular construction projects Production of individual massive timber modules Automation: fast assembly enabled by extensive prefabrication and state-of-the-art timber construction A prefabricated module being made in the factory for a temporary school building
The prefabricated module at the construction site Award-winning technology: ERNE AG Holzbau received the 2017 Schweighofer Award for this innovative robotic system. Modern modular timber construction makes it possible: a temporary office building in Münster for Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the organisation responsible for retirement pensions in Germany

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