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Growth Through Cooperation – You’re Invited!

The crucial ingredients for successful cooperation are a competent partner and a high-traffic networking platform. We offer you both. SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG belongs to SWISS KRONO GROUP – one of the world’s leading producers of wood-based materials – and every day its modern, service-orientated website reaches a huge number of Internet users who could also become your customers. By accepting our offer to enter into a marketing partnership with reciprocal links between our websites, you can look forward to a win-win arrangement that promises these benefits:

  • Greater exposure
  • A better search engine ranking
  • Sales support
  • Opportunities to demonstrate your competence
  • An enhanced image by association with us

Numerous companies and institutions are already profiting from a marketing partnership with SWISS KRONO and presenting their range of products and services here on this website. You too are invited to become our partner. If you’re interested, please contact our Head of Marketing, Uwe Petzold: telephone +49 (0) 33 962 - 69 163, e-mail .moc.onorkssiws(ta)dloztep.ewu

Notre nouveau partenaire

ERNE AG Holzbau

ERNE AG Holzbau

A Company of the ERNE Group.


  • 3B TEC GmbH
  • 81fünf high-tech & holzbau AG
  • Apprich Hagebaucentrum
  • Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Bema
  • blockhaus-barth
  • Bostitch
  • Brueggemann Datentechnik
  • Dach-Maler-Baustoffe
  • DEG
  • Die gruene Suchmaschine
  • Dietrichs
  • Donath Dachdeckermeister
  • EFA
  • Finnland Block
  • Gamper Holzbau
  • Hauck Holzbau
  • Heiligengrabe
  • Holz Derks
  • Holz Disselnmeyer KG
  • Holz Espermüller GmbH & Co. KG
  • Holz Tusche
  • Holz-Baumarkt
  • Holz-Kunz GmbH
  • Holzbau Brueggemann
  • Holzbau Sauer
  • Holzhäuser & Zimmerei Richardsen GmbH
  • Holzland
  • Holzland-Reichert GmbH & Co. KG
  • Holzwerke Ladenburger
  • Jugend denkt Zukunft
  • Keilhofer GmbH
  • Kloepfer Holzhandel
  • Klosterhof Heiligengrabe
  • Kontec
  • Korona
  • lost in translation
  • Max Haus
  • mikado
  • MMD-Magnumboard Manufaktur Deutschland
  • Neues Gesundes Bauen
  • NOAH – Das Architektenhaus
  • Nordische Blockhaus Importe
  • Opitz Holzbau
  • Qingdao CAG Building Material Co., Ltd
  • Roggemann
  • Scheiffele-Schmiederer KG
  • Subreport
  • Zimmerei Sauter
  • ZimmerMeisterHaus


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