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Constructing Energy-Efficient Buildings

Buildings account for about 40% of all energy consumed, so there is enormous savings potential here. The German government has made a commitment to ensuring that the country’s buildings as a whole are close to climate-neutral by the year 2050. To support the pursuit of this goal, it is also supporting and subsidising a range of measures to improve energy efficiency. Timber and engineered wood can make a major contribution here.

Improving Energy Efficiency by Renovating with Timber and Wood-Based Materials

Timber and engineered wood are ideal for making buildings more energy-efficient. Sustainable construction with these materials, in combination with effective insulation, dramatically reduces the consumption of energy for heating as well as the associated carbon dioxide emissions. Most buildings erected more than 25 years ago let a large share of the heat escape unused into the environment because they simply do not meet today’s standards. The potential for savings here is huge
The aim is therefore to significantly reduce the heating requirement of existing buildings. Timber and engineered wood have considerable advantages over other materials for renovating these, owing to the opportunity they offer for extensive prefabrication and correspondingly faster work, their lighter weight and their thermally insulating properties. They make it possible to very quickly create thermally optimised building envelopes. What’s more, their loadbearing ability makes it feasible to combine them with other types of materials in hybrid constructions.

Energy-Efficient Houses Made with Timber and Engineered Wood

Passive houses, low-energy houses, zero energy houses: energy-aware building long ago ceased to be an oddity. Nor is it necessarily more expensive than conventional types of construction. Timber and wood-based materials are naturally endowed with thermally insulating properties. In conjunction with appropriate insulation, wood is ideally suited for making much better use of heating energy.



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