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Wood – a Construction Material with Potential

Timber and engineered wood are unbeatable in many respects. We have made a list of their many positive attributes and the reasons why they have such enormous potential as modern, sustainable building materials.

Wood: the Oldest Building Material and One of the Most Amazing:

  • Wood is the only renewable building material: every five seconds, enough wood grows in Germany to build an entire single-family home.
  • Houses made of wood have an excellent carbon footprint: up to 90% better than that of other building methods.
  • Owing to the many available kinds of wood and building methods, virtually anything is possible with wood: from panelised to modular construction, and from loadbearing frames to exteriors.
  • Few building methods can compete with wood in terms of speed, thanks to extensive prefabrication.
  • Wood’s physical properties read like a wish list: stable, compression-proof, lightweight, durable, elastic and airtight.
  • The protection from fire provided by wood is calculable – it even offers greater safety than steel.
  • A pleasant indoor climate results from the moisture-regulating properties of timber and engineered wood.


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    SWISS KRONO OSB offers you a versatile high-tech building material with a long list of convincing benefits for cost-effective, sustainable construction.

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    Freedom to explore new designs, a healthy living environment and fast building: prefabricated modular construction with SWISS KRONO OSB provides all this and more. What else could you possibly want?

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    SWISS KRONO OSB is a fascinating, modern building material made from natural wood that instills a feeling of wellbeing in nearly everyone.


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