Downloads References Prefabricated Construction Building with Engineered Wood Products

Reducing CO2 Emissions

As trees grow, their wood binds carbon extracted from carbon dioxide, thus reducing the amount of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. In light of the challenges posed by climate change, modern timber construction with eco-friendly production of materials can therefore greatly help to improve our planet’s future prospects.

Wood as a Natural Carbon Reservoir

The biomass of Germany’s forests contains some 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon, enough to form roughly 4.4 billion tonnes of CO2 . A tree needs around 1.44 tonnes of carbon dioxide to produce a tonne of wood. And this carbon dioxide remains stored in the wood when it is converted into timber or engineered wood products. For example, a cubic metre of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB holds around a thousand kilograms of CO2 . For a house built with 25 cubic metres of MAGNUMBOARD® OSB, the figure adds up to 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide―the same amount that is released by the combustion of 58,000 litres of petrol. This example makes it clear how forests help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and curb climate change.

Carbon-Neutral Production

Production of SWISS KRONO wood-based materials is practically carbon-neutral. SWISS KRONO pay special attention to ensuring short transport distances, using renewable energy sources and completely utilising raw materials. For all of these reasons, the carbon footprint of all SWISS KRONO products is exceptionally low.



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If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Штефан Готтфрид
    Дипл. инж. по строительству из дерева и отделке
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    SWISS KRONO OSB offers you a versatile high-tech building material with a long list of convincing benefits for cost-effective, sustainable construction.

  • Харальд Заутер
    мастер комнаты
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    Freedom to explore new designs, a healthy living environment and fast building: prefabricated modular construction with SWISS KRONO OSB provides all this and more. What else could you possibly want?

  • Каролин Штайгеманн
    Дипл. инж. в области обработки лесоматериалов (диплом университета прикладных наук)
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    SWISS KRONO OSB is a fascinating, modern building material made from natural wood that instills a feeling of wellbeing in nearly everyone.


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