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New Perspectives: a 360° View of the SWISS KRONO World

Anyone interested in learning about SWISS KRONO in Heiligengrabe, Germany can now do so from a unique new perspective. Various operations have been filmed using special technology to provide a 360° surround view, so users can immerse themselves in the action by putting on VR goggles. The resulting virtual visit closely emulates the experience of actually being there.

A 360-Degree Experience of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring collections from SWISS KRONO from a new perspective: a stunning 360° video of an exhibition at MEH Parkett in Berlin lets visitors explore the showroom in virtual reality.

Vocational Training in 360°: Electronics Specialist for Plant Equipment

Do you enjoy tinkering with electronic devices but aren’t sure whether training to be an electronics specialist for plant equipment would be the right choice for you? Here’s a convenient way to find out: watch Florian and his trainer, Johannes Hentschel, while they fix a problem. The 360° video also lets you take a good look round the plant.

A Training Profession in 360°: Industrial Mechanic

Have you ever replaced a drive belt? Not yet? As one of our industrial mechanics, you might have to do it from time to time. Oliver and his trainer, Dennis Brandt, were recently called in to help because the drive belt of the laminate flooring machine had broken. Take a look round: this 360° video also shows you everything surrounding the scene of action.

Training in 360°: Machine and Plant Operator

Do you have a sharp eye for detail and enjoy using tools and equipment? You can put these abilities to good use at our firm. Accompany trainer Dennis Brandt and his trainees to a short-cycle press for producing laminate flooring. The 360° video gives you a vivid impression of its size.


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